Humanitarian Technology

Project Buendia

Whitespell co-founded a project to improve efficiency in Ebola treatment centers. Thanks to Google, MSF, and the tech volunteers the solution is now open-sourced and being developed for use in treatment centers.

Through their recent partnership with Google to create an Ebola-proof tablet, it is evident that next-generation companies like Whitespell not only have the ability, but also the flexibility to develop solutions for some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Lyndi Bowman
Lyndi Bowman
Director of Economic Development at The Beacon Council

I can't say enough about their talent, customer service, and commitment to excellence. We get so many compliments on our website, and Whitespell is always quick to respond to any changes and updates we need. That is crucial for our success, and Whitespell understands that.

Derek Allen
Derek Allen
Lead Pastor at C2 Miami

Whitespell Video Streaming API

Now fully open

After we shut down Upfit, we didn't have the funds left to continue to support an API like this. In order to keep it useful, we decided to open source it so that all of you can build social video streaming platforms without needing to spend a lot of money.

Video Platform iphone preview

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If you're interested in working with Whitespell on your next tech project or using one of our products in your business, please feel free to reach out! Whitespell also occasionally does consultancy and project management as a service. Specialization areas are Humanitarian Tech (Including GIS Systems), Game Development, App development, and API Development.

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